Saturday, January 9, 2016

Humming Along

              I can't believe we
             still have a hummer!

Hard to get a picture she is such a blur. I think she is a she!   I thought all the hummers were gone and had taken down the feeder.
I looked out one day and saw this hummer trying desperately to try feeding from the 
wind chimes.
So we quick mixed up some food and put the feeder back out.   Come to find out, this hummer is called Anna Hummingbird and is native to the west coast.  We do not live on the west coast, so it has been interesting feeding her all winter.
As long as we have been able to keep the nectar from freezing, which has been a real chore in temperatures dropping to 9. 

1 comment:

  1. I love humming birds and I have three feeders that I fill daily. I have over 20 and it is something to see early in the morning and late at night filling up. I guess the nectar helps keep them warm. We have had a very unusual cold spell and I do worry about them. Living in So CA I don't think they go south from here.
    Have a great weekend.