Monday, August 1, 2016


I enjoy blogging.  I just didn't have a niche, a focal point to blog from.   Some of the bloggers I follow seem so focused, why could I not be focused?
Then it 'hit' me.  I have so many interest and love to do so much that I was all over the place with postings.
So, I made a list of what I really like to do, what really makes my life better.
I will even number those:

1. My biggest passion is sewing. Something about creating and encouraging others to create that really makes me happy.
2. Cooking, not the chef type stuff but the fun stuff. Including baking, even if mixes are involved.
3. Decorating, I really stumble here. I pretty much set myself when once I said I could make a comfortable home from a cardboard box. Now, I am having to live up to that statement, Okay so it's not real cardboard but close.
4. I am going to add gardening, where I live now, that will involve containers.
5.  Just being me--family, the beautiful valley I live in and oh yes, boating.

so how do you find your niche?  For me it came clear to combine all my loves. Sewing and decorating sure do go together. Cooking food for the picnic to take while we boat and explore the valley will work.

So there I go, I am all set.  Hope you enjoy following along with my venture.

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  1. For blogging, I think my niche is sewing - like you said, the act itself and sharing with and teaching others. I also have found my oddball sense of humor come to life with the web site. It's just plain weird. So, I'm off center and I sew. I'm good with that. I think a niche can be ever-changing, but the sewing always sticks with me.