Tuesday, September 12, 2017


                         Didn't go as planned

I started this adventure with a drawer right next to my sewing machine.  It is the one that is the most used and really needs to be organized.
Ten minutes turned into an hour, then into two hours.  Then a panicked Facebook post asking if anyone had a clue as to how to organize this drawer.  A few hi fives as I call them, then silence.

                 More Before--- Which also might turn into
                     The after!

So that sums up day one of my organizing challenge.  Feel free to borrow my idea.


  1. I love little boxes like the Altoids boxes for things like pins, needles, etc. I also save old boxes that my checks come in for other small things. As usual you are an inspiration. I need to get my "stuff" organized also. Louise

  2. Dollar Store! You can find all sorts of containers there. If you have any friends who drink tea, ask them to save their tea cans. I have a friend who gives me hers. They are pretty tins and are great for storing small things; button, snaps, d-rings, tailor's chalk, needles, etc. I also bought a whole pack of organizers from Sam's fro $20. There are a ton of different size organizers with rubber bottoms to keep them from sliding. I have a peg board on my to do list to hang little tin cans from that I pick up on sale from Michaels. I also find cute organizers at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. I use business style ones to house all my scissors. I'll try to get some pics and send you.