Thursday, April 12, 2018


                    Still an Iron on

German interfacing, is the choice for heirloom sewing or the times you are sewing on a soft fabric, you want the fabric to have body, but still remain soft.

Yes, this looks wrinkled and out of control but! you can not iron this interfacing until you iron it to your fabric.  It is batiste fabric with a backing that is the glue that adheres to your fabric.

 It does shrink. so when you get it, soak it in hot water. Carefully remove and wrap in a towel to get the moisture out, then hang to dry.  Remember, this has a glue backing.

 I will be using this interfacing, to face the brim of my bonnet. 

                              Not layed out perfect yet, but to show 
                              I use every little piece of this interfacing, 
                              also, the interfacing is batiste, so it has
                              a grain line. I will need to lay this out

 I am hoping, when it is together, that will be the brim to my bonnet.
German interfacing has a lot of uses, I love it.  One more thing if you love smocking, is to iron it on your fabric before pleating it.  You will have nice pleats that stand up and look full.

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