Monday, October 29, 2018


Making a t-shirt

One of the easiest projects I have ever made. Yet it was the one I thought was going to be impossible. 

I love Kwik-Sew patterns

This is so vintage.
 Basically all the patterns are pretty much the same.  The newest patterns have a drop shoulder that I really like.

There is a front, a back and sleeves and that is all there is:  Pretty darn easy.

But what if you misplace the neckline pattern, then what?
That is pretty simple also, measure the neckline of the shirt. Then figure out 2/3 of that measurement for the length,  I go about 5 inches for the width.

I like my neckband to finish about 4" wide.
When you have the length, sew the neckband together to form a circle.  Divide the shirt and neckband in quarters.
Match your quarter marks,  on the neckband to the quarter marks on the shirt.  I usually place my neckband seam in the back.

Sew, matching pins, it will require a bit of stretching between pins but that is what you want.  When you finish that seam, press and do a top stitch.

Just like that you have a t-shirt.

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