Friday, November 9, 2018


So many shops are closing

I must admit, I do enjoy shopping from home, on my computer.    So I am part of the problem the shop owners are facing, I get that.  At the same time , I miss the personal friendship from the little shops.

So much inspiration came from the shop.

Inspiration table

Right when you walked in the door.  The table was always filled with everything you wanted to make.  Things you didn't know you wanted to make.

I spotted this!!  I had to have it!! so I signed up for class.

They helped me pick my fabrics.
Step by step my project came to life.

So sad the shops are closing.  Yes, we can buy on line, but we can never get the friendship back.



  1. Well said, Nonie. I long for the days of shopping at our local fabric shop, where you would hear the owners quibbling with each other in a hilarious, loving way. It was an experience to shop there. On line purchases don't give us experiences. Our world today longs for and needs experiences and not so much time spent digitally.

  2. I also long for the days of local shops. I am afraid they are not coming back.