Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Keep it simple

You have made the quilt or place mats and time has come to do the binding.
The binding is never to difficult until it comes time to join that binding.
Usually, that involves a bump, where you have joined, since binding on the bias seems all but impossible.

You long for a smooth, invisible join
 Well, it is very easy to do.

Your first step will be to over lap the binding, the same amount as the width of your binding.

Mine is two inches.  so I cut the binding at two inches past the beginning end of the binding.

Your next step is to sew the two together.
think of this step as if you are joining binding 
that is not sewn on to something.

I say this, because this was the step that was confusing me.
Some instruction had me turning and twisting
yet, it is just a simple sew together of the ends.

Just be sure to leave enough length of your binding when starting out so you have the space to work.  

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