Friday, September 4, 2009

The Butterfly by Betty

Since spring is right around the corner. I thought maybe you need a reminder to add sometime fun when sewing for little people.

I know you will want to add this little butterfly to your own design: So here are Betty's instructions.

A: Top, middle and bottom shows drawing on transfer paper, paper ironed on the back, peel paper off and iron on the lining.

B: Tiny zig zag in matching color on the very edge of the wings, cover body in a darker thread covering it solid. Use fray check or fray block around the edges, let dry well.

Second picture shows cutting away the extra fabric. Bottom picture shows completed butterfly.

C: Attach butterfly by straight stitching around the edges of the body only: Either embroider black "feelers", use a thin script perm marker or heavy carpet thread with a knot on each end and tack in place.

Bend the wongs up and curve.

The same idea can be used for flowers, ect.

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