Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I need some serious help!!  See this fabric?  It was given to me some time ago and for some reason I can not turn down free fabric.  It has been in my stash always getting pushed aside as I pick fabric for a project.  Well!!  Miss Zoe just happened to go through the stash and pulled out, yes, you guessed it THE FABRIC!!  "Oh ganma, I just love this will you make me something?"   She left, I put the fabric back.  Well, that continues until now, the first thing she heads for and pulls out is the dreaded fabric. 

So, here I am asking for help.  I just can't seem to come up with anything for a seven year old that has that much black in it.  So today, I pulled out the fabric, some patterns and still hit a wall.  Please help me come up with something (there is a yard) .  Is there another fabric I could add to it?  maybe in a ruffled skirt?  Something with some smocking?  I just don't know.



  1. A couple of years ago, I made my grands black and pink velvet Christmas dresses. I would probably made a skirt or jumper from this fabric. I would use pink piping and maybe either a solid pink or maybe even solid black to break up the pattern of the fabric. What kind of fabric is it? Is it a cotton? Perhaps you could do a reversible a-line jumper making the other side in pink. Use pink or black bias tape around the arm and neck holes and around the hem. A tiered skirt with coordinating fabrics would be good too. You could use a smaller print with not so much black. Is htat also green in the fabric. You could coordinate with a pink and a green and do three tiers. A pretty pink turtleneck would also soften the black. This would go well with the jumper too. Hope some of these ideas will help you decide what to do. I will be anxious to see what you come up with.

  2. I like Julia's idea of combining with a small pink print, something that's a print but very unobtrusive. Your brown background on the blog but done up in pink! You could do a tradition smocked dress and make the yoke and maybe sleeves and a hem band with the tiny pink print. It would really break up the black. I think this is very pretty and Miss Zoe has good taste. But we all know that, she picked you for her grandma!

  3. There was a really nice black-ground project in AS&E several issues ago. It was for an older girl, too (ie not toddler) so that might be inspiration. It's the cover dress from #86.

    Or what about a pink fabric insert, smocked with colours picked up from the florals, with just a touch of black floss. Then, if you did a classic yoke dress style, you could have the cuffs, collar and a contrasting band along the bottom of the skirt to make up for limited yardage and lighten up the black.

    Or what about using the fabric to line a coat or jacket? You could use a lighter colour, like a pink corduroy, for the outside, black buttons and piping for details and then, if you were short on the flower fabric, use a plain black fabric to line the sleeves, since no one sees that part anyway. You could also applique or ME a cabbage rose on the jacket, at the front corner or along the yoke, mathcing the flowers to the embroidery threads.


  4. I also like the idea of using corduroy maybe in a hot pink. I will be waiting to see what you decide to do.