Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The project is done!

I had so many ideas and I thank you all:  As you know I was going to go for the skirt.  I had to add a fabric to make it work and after many trips to the fabric store I was not finding anything, plus the word dress kept poping up. DRESS?  I only had a yard.   Then a friend mentioned sundress, there was that dress word again. I knew I would still have to add a fabric to make a dress.  Well, there sitting on my fabric shelf was a pink fabric.  Would the pink work?  Most of the pinks I held up to the fabric took on an orange tinge and looked horrible.  

I pulled out a pattern and thought this will work (I hope).   The reason still was the word sundress.  This is a sundress plus a jumper.  The pattern Simplicity 2680. My only hope now is that Zoe likes it.  I also added a blouse, with pink trim on the collar and sleeves.   Of coarse I had to add a hat plus a bow. 

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