Friday, January 29, 2010

working my way back

I did not realize how much I lost in being away form my sewing machine for so long.  I can admit now, it was a fight with myself to even want to sew.  I decided I would set a time limit and would spend the time sewing even if I did not feel like sewing.  To do this, I said one week for my precious granddaughter Chloe, who now lives in Arizona and the other week would be for Zoe, who has been after me to make her something.

This is the results form my first week.  I know, I made plenty of sewing mistakes but that all in re-learning.
The dress is very simple strip skirt.  I know she love's bright colors so it should be fun.

The little jumper is from the Bonnie Blue patter Hunter/Holly. The applique is from designs by JuJu. 

This little set is also a Bonnie Blue pattern, Lydia. I has many variations but since it is warming up in Arizona it is something she can use now.

So, there you have my first week back to sewing, just simple little items but they did take the full week.  Who  knows maybe I will get faster

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