Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I call it scrap sewing


We have all done our sewing from stash, this is sewing from scraps. You know, those pieces to small to use but to big to throw away.  I was putting them in a tub in a space I call a closet a pretty big space under the stairs.  The day came when I just had to get in there and clean.
Since I sew for grands that range in age from 3 to 10, there were pieces for everyone. This is just the start, it might encourage you to use those scraps.  Well, if you make quilts you already have a plain for everything.

These shorts are for Zoe and Chloe, plus headbands and corker bows.
The next project I am doing I call making notions.  The scraps to small for much of anything I am cutting into strips and using my serger to gather/ruffle them. Then, when a project could use a ruffle, I can go to my ruffle box and see if I have something already made that will work.

These shorts are for Seth, sewn from Kwik-Sew pattern 2604.  I will be making many more of these.


  1. Nonie, your ruffle idea is fabulous!!! I am going to borrow that one!

  2. I'm a scrap sewist from way back. Love your cute things!