Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rest and reflect

Sunday's are always good days to set aside to rest and reflect on days gone by and days to come.  Time to just listen to the birds and put aside if only for a moment all the schedules that need to be met.  The sewing you have planned the cleaning you must do.  Just take the time to smell the fresh air heavy with the perfume of lilacs.  Watch the birds as they splash in their bath.  
Come sit with me in the garden if only for a moment, put aside your worries and enjoy the day.

This is the tree I was afraid was lost during our wind storm. I am so thankful enough was left and it regrew.My white lilacs smell so good.

I love white in the garden, it just seems to shine and especially at night it offers a bright spot.

My next favorite is the birdbath.  There always seems to be someone coming for their bath.

My garden makes me believe in fairies, I always have and as a little girl I spent hours looking for them. Now, I know they hide very well, but they are still in the garden.

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