Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jiffy Baby daygown

Need a gift in a hurry?  This little day gown is super quick to sew.  The smocking can be anything you like, if you are just learning to smock, this is a perfect project.

Cut pattern pieces as follows:
Front     23"x29"
Back     10"x29" cut two
sleeves   10"x13" cut two
Neck bias  11 1/2"x 1 1/2"

The dress is 29 inches long (before hemming) and has a fullness around the hem of approximately 42".  Sleeves (before hemming) are 13" long.  You will need to mark armholes using a small size bishop pattern.  If you don't have a bishop pattern try the following: starting at the corner of the front and back edge at the cress-mark 2 1/2" from the edge, then mark 5 and 1/4" down the side of the piece.  Now just sketch with a marking pen a general outline of the armhole.  Do this for the front, back pieces of the dress.

Don't cut, don't stitch.

Before you do anything else, pleat the front of the dress for the pattern of your choice.

Now--cut out the armholes for the front, back and sleeves.

Sleeves: Turn up the sleeves edge 1/4", then turn up again 1 1/2" inches.  Stitch a casing 1 inch from the edge. Leave a small opening for 1/8" elastic.  Stitch sleeves into dress.

Back: Fold center back seam allowance to wrong side. DO NOT SEW CENTER BACK YET!

Gather top edge of back, and sleeves.  Pull up gather threads to fit bias strip (11 Inch neckline, 1/4 inch seam allowances on each end.  Attach bias to neckline.

Sew center back seam, leaving a 5 inch opening at the top. Overlap neck edge at center back 1/2 inches. Use snaps, tiny button or beauty pen to close.

Finish hem as desired.  You can use a Swiss edging or make a draw string bottom.

It would be perfect in blue for a baby boy.


  1. This is so sweet, Nonie. Thanks for the instructions. It looks very easy and just the ticket when you want to do just a little smocking.

  2. Nonie, thank you for teaching how to make this darling little daygown. I think even I could make this!