Monday, July 19, 2010

300 Days of Sunshine

Welcome to my world, where we enjoy 300 days of sunshine.  Nestled on shores of the mighty Columbia River. The river running through town and mountains so close you can touch them and we do, we even hike up them.  Mountains with names such as Badger, Saddle rock, Eagle rock and Castle rock.
A real vacationers dream, with wine tours,antiquing, all the fresh fruit you could imagine grown in rich volcanic soil.
My favorite play day, is a day on the Columbia river. I would love it if you could join me at least I can bring some of the valley to you in pictures.

The river divides two towns.A perfect spot to let the kids play and grow.

Surrounded by hills and mountains, our  little valley was carved from a mighty volcano.   I live on vacation and enjoy a very relaxed lifestyle.


  1. What a blessing to wake up to such wonderful sunshine and mountains! It looks like a perfect place for child rearing. Thanks for the window on your world.

  2. That looks very relaxing and beautiful! I wish I was there right now with you!

  3. Oh your sunshine sounds blissful. Your valley sounds perfect!