Monday, July 12, 2010

Sharing a few more treasures and a decision

First-My decision on what to do with the tablecloth.  I am going to leave it alone, use it, love it for it's imperfections.  In trying to 'fix' it, I could make problems worse.  I can always guess as to why the thread is a different color. Maybe it's just that thread was not as good or color fast as it is today.
Maybe at a later date when I have done some practice dying, I will attempt the tablecloth.

Next, is some of the China.  My dad joined the Navy as a very young man.  During the time he served he was sent to Japan and while there purchased these dishes for his mother.  Some how, they have survived all these years.  I have the complete set, except gave the tea pot to my daughter, as she has the family collection of tea pots.
So here are some of the pieces on the tablecloth and, using Julia's idea of putting a colored cloth underneath.

A picture of just one of each from the set.

Betty asked me what it said on the bottom. I know its not a good picture but I can't read it anyhow.

There is something very interesting about the napkin ring.  Napkin rings were used in the 'victorian' times as they did not have modern washing machines as we do now. There laundry day was labor intensive, and done once a week. I am sure that is also where the term laundry day came from as it took a full day. As I remember for stories the ironing was done the next day. Using napkins was very important, laundry time consuming, so each person in the family had their own napkin holder and would use the same napkin all week.  As I polished this napkin ring that belonged to my father, I realized it said "Grandma to Harold". That would be his grandma, one of my great grandmothers, I don't know which one paternol or maternol. It is also something I will never know.

So that is a peek at my treasures.  I know very little about them, but will be sure to pass them on with as much information as I can gather together.  I hope when you are sewing treasures for your family, you will remember to take the time to add some information about who you are and how these items were added.


  1. Napkin rings are now an archaic curiosity? Really?

    I thought they were standard. The only reason I don't use them is that my children are still little enough to go through several wet rags apiece during a meal.

  2. Camilla, I think my explanation of using the same napkin all week didn't come across right. LOL, I love using napkin rings.


  3. What treasures! Your tablescape is beautiful. I think a trip to Antiques Roadshow is in order!


  4. The tablecoth with the red underneath and the china is beautiful!