Friday, October 1, 2010

Trying Something new!

I have not blogged for awhile as blogger and I were not getting along.  Writing and posting pictures were becoming a nightmare. I knew what I wanted to write and how I wanted the pictures but blogger had other ideas. So, I am going to try “windows live writer” as I have been told that is is wonderful.  We shall soon see.

I will share a couple of shirts I made for Seth. I am sure he feels left out with his sister getting a bulk of the sewing. Sewing for boys is not hard and they are so easy to please a few shirts some shorts and they are oh so happy.

Seth models his new ‘dice shirt’  why dice?  We play a lot of monopoly and Seth is forever losing the dice. When I saw this fabric I just knew he would never lose his dice again when wearing this shirt.

The t-shirt is sewn from Kwik-sew pattern 3043.





  1. I have a Seth too! And I just ran to Joann's tonight to get material to make all three boys some dress shirts. I still don't have a favorite dress shirt pattern. I tweak each one and wish I could find one that just works. I'll have to try your pattern. I want to know more about the t-shirt. It is perfect! Where did you find knit fabric with the stripe? Or did you upcycle a larger t-shirt?

  2. You made that tee shirt! You go girl! Both shirts are really nice, and Seth is so handsome.