Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blogging again

I have been having all sorts of internet problems.  Finally I realized that the company was changing over from Verizon to Frontier, so I had the wrong modem.  Still all the kinks are not worked out but I can at least use the computer again.

One of the things I did while not being able to connect on line was to work on my notebooks.  I have several note books, I find it just makes finding things so easy.  The one I think is my favorite is my fabric notebook.  Since I order a lot of fabric on line, I keep a notebook of fabric samples, where I bought from, the price, and a note about the kind of service received.


As you can see each piece has a number, then on a separate sheet I have the all the information about the sample. When time to order fabric I have my own little fabric store right in my hand.


  1. Oh, to be so organized!! Of course, if I would get off the computer, it might help!!! ;-)