Thursday, March 24, 2011

From this to----this

I recently did a sew along for our smocking group, showing how to turn a pillowcase into a smocked wearable ,depending on the case you chose it could be used for sleepwear or a sundress.   Now, my example is not finished as I have been debating with myself as to what kind of hem it should have.  I took off the ugly lace, and was thinking of adding a different lace but that might be over kill so now I am thinking of just doing a very small rolled hem.


As you can see, this case was not in very good shape. It also had some stains I was sure I could get out with a good soaking in Biz.  I am happy my Zoe agreed to model the after for me.



I hope I can share pictures of what the other members have done with their projects. I am sure they will all be different and we will all get even more ideas of what we can do on our next project.


  1. Zoe looks like an angel in her smocked pillowcase dress. Very nice, Nonie.

  2. LOVE it. I've made a lot of pillowcase dresses and use vintage linens in lots of my dresses, but I never thought to smock a pillocase like this! You better believe I will be making one of these!!!Thank you so much for showing us. I can't wait to see the others from your class.

  3. Lovely.Your daughter looks so sweet in it. My mother-in-law did smocking when she was younger and I loved seeing my daughter in smocked dresses when she was little. So cute.