Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lining a top with a button back

I made this top using Bonnie Blue pattern ‘Madison’, it is fully lined and buttons down the back. I know lining can be confusing especially when the back is in two pieces. 


Because the view I chose for this pattern also has a separate yoke, the piece I used for the lining was the one piece top pattern. When lining a A-line dress you can pull the lining through an opening left in the lining, when you have a two piece back you will need to approach it a little different.  After sewing your shoulder seams together on both lining and fashion fabric lay the lining on the fabric and sew neckline, hem and back opening.  I pretty much know what you are thinking at this point.

2011_0301stuff0014   2011_0301stuff0015 Notice the side seams have not been sewn, those have been left open.

Now, to turn this puzzle, reach through the side opening, and work the back piece through the shoulder.

2011_0301stuff0017 2011_0301stuff0018 Yes, it will work, pull each side through the shoulder opening.

2011_0301stuff0019 You now have top fully turned and it’s time to give it a good pressing. Yes, you still have to deal with the side seams.  So, reach inside the top front between lining and garment and pull the opposite side seam together. Pin right sides together lining to lining, garment to garment.

2011_0301stuff0020 You will be sewing in a circle.  Completely sew one side in a full circle, when doing the other side leave a 4” opening in the lining you will need this opening to pull the top through.

2011_0301stuff0021 This opening is left in only the lining. You will pull the garment through this opening.

2011_0301stuff0022 Now, hand stitch the small opening closed and you have a fully lined top.  You can line any top or dress using this method.  I like items that are lined, they are so much neater.

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  1. Oh, how I wish I had a little girl to sew for....this is adorable!!! HOPE you're doing well!!!! Come visit me when you get a chance!!