Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun sun dress

I had the honor of testing a pattern for My Treasured Heirlooms.   It is a wonderful fun and easy pattern and lends it's self to tons of different types of fabric.  The first fabric that came to mind for me was a crinkle cotton but when I reached into my stash my hand landed on this pink gingham fabric.  I do not remember where it came from and the way the fabric feels it has to be a polyester, but perfect for a summer frock.

I do notice I need to adjust the straps a little better for her.

You could also make this pattern a short top, which I think would be darling.   
I used an invisable zipper in the back but the pattern also comes with a shirred option.  

Also offered with this pattern is options of smocking plates.   I changed one plate a little and added a few more roses.
I think you will really enjoy this pattern and all the options it offers.

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