Monday, June 27, 2011

Bonnet by Betty

I hope you enjoy this bonnet. 

Baby Bonnet

by Betty


    a. From fabric that looks the same on both sides cut a 13"X 45"piece. Remove selvage.

    b. Fold up and press 4" on long edge for front and 2" for back of bonnet.

    c. Open up and sew machine scallops on right side of fabric (both long ends) Do not worry about
    perfect scallops at the ends, they will be turned up and not show. Trim scallops, fold back up
    on pressed lines and baste before pleating..

    d. On 2" turn up, pleat five (5) 1/2 space rows for back starting first row 3/8" from folded edge.
    On 4" turn up, pleat eleven (11) 1/2 space rows for front, starting first row 3/8" from folded edge.

2. Using graft for neck cut out, make pattern or mark directly onto the two short ends of pleated
fabric and cut. Ignore pleating threads throughout and cut off


    a. French seam the back of bonnet.

    b. Machine scallops around neck edge, trim scallops. Again, don't worry about corners.


    a. Using a tapertry needle and dental floss or strong thread doubled, make a hole next to the back seam and take thread all the way around exiting on the other side of the seam. Pull up snug, tie off and use Fray Check on the knot.
    Pick pleating threads out at back seam and tie each row snug enough to lay flat.

    b. Cable on rows 1 and 3. Baby waves in between. Pull out pleating threads.


    a. Pick out pleating threads on bonnet front, pull up and tie off (no special length)for easy smocking.
    b. Smock rows 2 and 9 as cable. Fill in with 1/2 space baby waves or design of your choice. Remove
    pleating threads.
    c. Turn up front corners to right side and attach ribbons over them, making a loop or something cute.
    Smaller ribbon bow sewed to back circle .

6. I made a few changes to the instructions found in Creative Needle Nov./Dec. 1992 by Nancy Marx.
Nancy also showed one with lace that I will show you soon with directions and also one with eyelet
that would be cute for Easter maybe?

Noah modeling Granny's bonnet for her.

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