Monday, March 12, 2012

Karen got out her whip

Karen knew I was having trouble getting motivated to do our one yard challenge, so she got the whip out and told me her boots were in the closet and if I didn't get with it, I was going to get a boot in the you know where.

We have a new challenge every month on Everythingsewing and this one seemed so simple. Make anything you want, with the rule being you could only use a yard.  So using a half yard for the fashion fabric and a half yard for the lining, I made this little top.  The pattern is called Riley by Bonnie Blue.

Thank you Karen, it helps to have friends that will give you an extra push.


  1. Darling! and go Nonie! Karen's boot would get me jumping too!

  2. What a pretty top. Those colours would be great for 4th July celebrations too.