Monday, February 4, 2013


Funny how we let little words creep into our heads and take up space.  Those little words can also keep us from trying new things, or just getting out and doing things we may have never tried before.

Well, to me those words were PERFECT!!  They come as good advice I think, by someone meaning well.  To me some of those words or at least one word is PERFECT!!
1. When you can sew a perfect seam. Then you can learn to use the machine.
2. You need a PERFECT 1/4" seam!
3. You need to match those colors PERFECTLY!!  
Here is a few examples of not PERFECT. PERFECT in my eyes and that is all that counts.

These are a ccouple of blocks I will work into the quilt.  Mickey, for his trip to Disney land and "One of a kind" because that is what he always said when he put on a new shirt I made him. He knew no one else would be wearing the same shirt.  The camera has picked up wrinkles I can not see, so I will make that block again.
 The other pictures are from the butterfly quilt.  The quilt is sewn together by love not perfection.  Given by members of Hospice to patients, what a wonderful gift.
Each block is different.
If the giver of the quilt waited, until they could do a perfect quilt, the quilt would never had been made.

So, I move along making my squares and sewing together my block's and hope Seth doesn't see the mistakes.


  1. Your grandchildren will think each of their quilts is perfect....because it was made with love!!!

  2. You go girl!! I don't let those little imperfections get to me either. No one will ever notice, and the receiver will be too thrilled to care!

  3. If anyone waits for me to make perfect items, they will be waiting a lifetime!
    You can get away with imperfections in quilting - once it's quilted - most of the time you can't even tell.
    My mother-in-law always said that, and by looking at her quilts that I watched her so lovingly piece, I'd say it is pretty true!