Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Need Your Opinion

I now need your opinion, so please, please let me know what you think.Should I add all or none of these fabrics to Seth's quilt?

These are the baby fabrics that I could find, I know there were ton's more but I must have used them.The blue check and solid blue are pretty delicate fabrics, since they were used for baby clothes.
These are from shirts I made him for Halloween, loved making both of the kids special items they could were for the month.
Of coarse that's what you get to do when you sew.

 Next thing I need your help on, is---  putting the blocks together. Like I said I am not a quilter, I might try following directions and making a quilt but for now, I want to make something for the grands that will have some memory for them and something they don't outgrow.  
This is a practice lay out of some of the blocks.  Do you think they are OK side by side? My next option would be to make solid strips that go in between.
That is where I am at right now.  HELP!! 


  1. If you have enough of the fabric to do just the older prints, that would be my vote. I think you could do the blocks side by side, but my personal preference is for borders in between. But I would go with a very neutral color to tie them all in. I think it really depends on what YOU like. Lay them down with the borders too and see which you like best.

  2. I, also, think that a solid color strip between and around the blocks would be more eye appealing. Lay the blocks and strips on the floor, or such, and arrange and rearrange until you are satisfied with the layout. Be sure to take a pic for a reference (just in case).
    Claudia >^..^<

  3. Nonie, I'm working on a sodoku quilt right now...Soduka, the number game, is done in blocks of my quilt is done in blocks of 9 with a black sashing between each set of nine. That would be very pretty. As for the younger baby clothing...I would vote to include it--unless you plan a quilt of that genre for him. Just include it all, and interperse the holiday with the regular fabrics too....Sometimes when we do block quilts we will do stair steps with each color weaving across the fabric. You could do oranges, reds, blues, greens, in that fashion. To me that is too time consuming for a block quilt.

    I'm going to miss your comments in the sew along...sorry I took so long in getting ready...and a thought...about your you have any larger squares yet that could be used as a center focus fabric...or take a few pictures and making a collage for the very center block?

  4. I forgot to mention, when using the finer fabrics, how about fusing them with steam a seam to a muslin fabric.

  5. I vote to include it all. I have a quilt my grandmother made me and it has scraps from her dresses and my baby clothes. It is my favorite quilt.

  6. I'm not sure I would use the lighter, more delicate fabrics because they may not hold up as well when washed several times. I do like the idea of the others. You can use them to tell Seth stories of when you made certain things with those pieces, and as he gets older, I do think he will cherish all of those fabrics and stories.