Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Table

On the property was a very large tree.
The tree had to
 be removed to make room for the home to be built.
Then it was cut into lumber, always with the thought it would be used. 

Finally getting some time off of work, Rod was able to craft this table.  Then the drying process started and the table sat for a very, very long time drying. No dry kiles around here.

A few months ago the time came to finish the table.   We have alread spent many wonderful hours around the table.  I know, over the years there will be many more.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! He is very talented. I also love the rug at the back door. I spotted a huge one similar to that recently that I'm thinking about getting to go under my dining table.

    1. The rug would work perfect under your table, it is very durable.
      I probably should have added that Rod built his home. More on that later.