Monday, March 18, 2013

Time Flies

I have not been very loyal about blogging. Maybe it's daylight saving time but I have not been able to 'save' one minute.  
Still working on the quilt project.  Hope that one will be done this coming week.
since we are speaking of time.  I thought I would look back at my Granddaughters favorite smocked dress. This dress is very popular when I take it to smocking groups. They love the idea that yes! you can smock for an older girl. 

Yes, she climbs trees in dresses!!


  1. That dress is sooo cute but the model is AWESOME. :))

  2. A lovely dress for a lovely girl. It's so good to be back to blogging world. I hate being sick and have really missed everyone.

  3. You've been doing better than me about blogging. I just get so carried away with daily happenings that I turn around and it's midnight!
    She is beautiful!

  4. Love that dress Nonie! Why not climb trees in a dress?! It shows a lot more skill than a boy in pants in my opinion! lol

  5. Time flies but you have really done nice job with your blog there.

  6. What a sweet dress and a precious little girl. Good for her for climbing trees!!