Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Real Honor

I feel it is a real honor to be able to test pattern's designed by Genine.  I am working on a new one she just sent and I love it.  That one is staying under wraps as they say,  so you will have to wait.
Meanwhile,  I don't think I have shared with you a couple of her latest that I did test.

 The wrap dress and pant's set is from a pattern called 'Lizzie'.  Designed for the 18" doll.  Samantha (Sam for short) is modeling and found it the perfect outfit for yard work.

I am so glad Sam likes to model, and is so willing to try new places.  I hear some dolls are not as brave as Sam.   So she was more then up to modeling and having a new adventure at the river,In the latest pattern called "Ship Ahoy".  The pattern includes a hat pattern but Sam's hat went into the river, no damage just a little to wet to wear.

Genine is such an awesome designer of doll clothes.  The patterns are pdf, but no short cuts are taken.  Very clear instructions are sent with the pattern, it is not one where you are left wondering what to do, she walks you through every step,  yet also take's the time to answer by email if there is anything left you do not understand.
If you are looking for something special for a gift or if you just enjoy the company of your doll friend I know you will love these patterns.


  1. Hi Nonie
    What a fantastic blog post. Thank you for being such a great pattern tester. I always look forward to seeing your photographs. You are so creative!

  2. You always do such a great job telling us about Sam's adventures! Love her outfit!

  3. Oh, what cute little doll outfits. Our grand-daughter would love that!!! I've really gotten out of the sewing habit for the last few years....actually dug out my sewing machine just today!!!