Friday, April 11, 2014

Beautiful Friends

I am blessed to have such beautiful friends.  My friend Shirley, had the opportunity  to meet Betty in real life!  I say 'real life' because Shirley also met Betty on the everythingsewing forum. I think!  I am not positive that was their first meeting each other.  I will pretend it was until I hear different. 

Shirley is such a wonderful, giving person and has helped me so much, she has her own blog called prayersformymom. She has helped me with blogging, always open and helpful to those, "how do I do that?" question. Shirley does wonderful sewing for her grands, including fun, creative machine embroidery.  Always an inspiration and good for a fun, positive outlook on life.  Oh, lucky me!!

I just love the look on Hannah's face as she checks out who this new person is.

What a blessing, to have this picture. I will frame it and put it in my sewing room, so I can share the day with two wonderful friends.  

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