Saturday, April 12, 2014

This started it all

I am wondering if big stores like Costco, hire people to walk around and act like they are normal shoppers, then when you pause to look at an item they see their opportunity and, without missing a beat they swoop down on you.

That is just what happened with this item. I had never spotted it before so was looking at it, of coarse it was on an end cap so it practically attacked me.
This lady stops, telling me this is the best product ever invented and if I wanted real good, like in very  yummy coffee, I would purchase this product and put a scoop in my coffee.  She said, that is how she used it..  she also laid claim to the thought that if I used this product in my evening coffee, my stress would be reduced to zero.
So of coarse, it came home with me becoming a have to have product.
So from that product we now have started this.
 There will be more on this later. I just know right now, my life has changed!

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  1. Oh my word, what a fun post. Yes, I do think they have people stalking us. Now I think I have to try it. Thanks so much for your gracious comment, you totally made my day. Hugs, marty