Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Favorite (sewing) Blogs

            Sharing some Favorites

I am a blog follower.  I have learned so much by being able to visit with people that I would never have known, if there were no blogs.

I will start by sharing sewing blogs, because sewing is so close to my heart.

Then, I will share decorating blogs- Then some  wonderful ladies that I would hope to meet someday. 

Visit Bunny at La Sewista

I have shared Bunny's blog before. A wonderful, passionate, lady.  Full of the 'What's next' kind of passion.  Always learning something new.  Always, sharing what she learns.  Bunny has the kind of passion she so wants others to have and shares so willingly.  Visit Bunny Here.Oh and did I mention she is very organized. I am trying to learn that from her.
                                                   From Bunny's blog.

                                                         My next favorite
                    Angela Lee
                Just give me a needle

 This lady is such an inspiration.  She makes her own Christmas presents and they are better then anything you could ever buy.

       I am always going to do a sew along with Angela and get all my gifts made, so far I have fallen off the sewing wagon and have not reached my goal.  Maybe if we start early this year- like in NOW!!  I will be able to keep up.   A very sharing and helpful lady, you will love her blog.

I have many favorites. Inspiring ladies that sew, quilt and share their passions.  So stay tuned for more.      


  1. Aren't you so sweet!! You are one of my favorite blogs too and one of my best online sewing friends. You can't have too many of those. Let's do start early this year for Christmas. I cut it too close last year, and I started in July. LOL sending you much love!

    1. Love your inspiration--yes, lets start early and I will try to keep up. lol.

  2. Thanks so much, Nonie. You are so sweet. I enjoy your blog too and you are one of the loveliest out there.

    1. Thank you. It is such a pleasure to know you.