Monday, April 27, 2015


Spring in paradise also brings Apple bloosom celebrations.  Parades, food fairs and carnivals all descend on our little city.
 Sorry for the cell phone pictures, but those girls just skoot right along.
 Zoe marching with her drill team.
                                  Keeping her smile

BJ, shared a bracelet she had gotten for her darling grand daughter, when I saw it I knew it would also be perfect for Zoe.

You will want to visit SWEET NOTHINGS and meet and love BJ,  I will be writing more about her in the future because she inspires me. There is so much I want to tell you about how she touched my life and didn't even know it, I think it is time to tell her.


  1. Oh I so remember living in a small town and everyone turned out for all the parades. Your granddaughter is adorable, how fun to watch them excel in life. I love that bracelet too and I love BJ. She is one of the neatest ladies in blogland. Thank you so much for your gracious and kind comments on my posts, you will never know how much that makes my day. Marty

  2. She is absolutely adorable and, believe me, I know just exactly how much you love her. :)
    I love the bracelet and I know she did, too. Oh, how we love them.....
    Thank you for your kind words and know that you have blessed me today.