Saturday, April 11, 2015


I hope I am getting you excited to get in the sewing room and whip something up.
With spring time and summer not far behind, it is a perfect time to make some hats to go with every outfit. That will keep the sun off of our precious girls.
I really love making this hat:
Because summer is coming I am re-posting, to give you time to make those summer hats.

Floppy Hat Pattern

Step One: Measure the child’s head at angle hat will be worn (Picture 1). This one measures 19 inches.
picture 1
Step Two: Cut a 2 inch wide band of knit fabric or ribbing the length of child’s head .The more stretch, the easier it is to sew. I just used a t-shirt knit. Sew the short ends together with 3/8-inch seam to create the hatband. Try on. It should not be too snug or fall off the child’s head. It should be comfortable. (Picture 2).
picture 2
Step Three: Take the measurement of the child’s head (circumference) and divide it by 6.28. This will give you the radius. For example, 19 inches divided by 6.28 equals 3.02548 inches. I rounded this up to 3.1 inches. Do not round down or the hat will be too small. Find the measurement of the radius on a compass (in this case 3.1 inches) and draw a circle on your pattern material (I use interfacing) (Picture 3).
picture 3
Step Four: Leaving the point of the compass in same spot, move the pencil point out
2 ¼ inch and draw another circle (Picture 4). This becomes the brim pattern.
picture 4
Step Five: With point of compass still in place, move pencil point out 1 inch and draw a third circle. This will be the hat crown pattern (Picture 5). This is what you end up with (Picture 6).
picture 5 picture 6
Step Six: At this point you should trace the two inner circles (which is the brim pattern) onto separate interfacing so the brim and crown each have their own pattern.

Step Seven: Next, cut out one crown and two brim pieces. The brim pieces should be interfaced with lightweight fusible or non-fusible interfacing (I like fusible, see Picture 7). Set the brim pieces aside.
picture 7
Step Eight: Divide the band and crown pieces into eight equal parts with pins (Picture 8). Pin right sides together at pin marks (Picture 9). Sew with ¼ inch seam stretching band to fit. If your band doesn’t stretch enough you can gather the crown slightly with your fingers as you sew (Picture 9a).
picture 8 picture 9 picture 9a
Step Nine: Turn right side out and try on (Picture 10).
picture 10
Step Ten: Put brim pieces right sides together and sew ¼ inch seam along outer circle. Trim and clip onto seam and turn right side out (Picture 11).
picture 11
Step Eleven: Divide brim (inner circle) and band into eight equal parts with pins. Pin the two together at pin marks (Picture 12). Sew with ¼ inch seam with band on top (Picture 13).
picture 12 picture 13
Step Twelve: Zigzag or serge this raw edge (Picture 14).
picture 14
Step Thirteen: You can cover the seam with flexible trim or rickrack as I did here (Picture 15). I just used fabric glue but you can sew it on if you want (sometimes I omit step 13 all together).
picture 15
Step Fourteen: Try on hat. Brim can be turned up in the front or left down. Embellish as you please.
picture 16 picture 17


  1. Wow Nonie, I never knew it was that easy to make little hats!! Yes, you have given me some inspiration to do something else now!

  2. Beautiful. really Nice job there.

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  4. My granddaughters would look so cute in a sweet hat like these. Maybe I can measure their heads when they visit tomorrow.

    1. Sherry, I think little girls look so cute in this hat, hope you share a picture.