Sunday, December 13, 2015

honey comb pillow part one-Another perfect gift

This will be a two part post.  You do not need to know how to 'smock' to make this pillow.
Picture it in red checks or black checks, even blue.  Those colors just seem to fit in all decors. Or think Red, White and blue for a patriot set. 
Just be sure you have one inch checks.
Honeycomb Stitch - How to

Step One:
You do not need to write numbers on your fabric, I did this to show the stitch sequence.
This stitch is worked from right to left.
Use three strands of floss and a long needle(milliners)
Step Two:
Come up on the left side of the square no.1- with thread above the needle pick up a small stitch in no.2, left side of square.
Don't pull the needle all the way through stitch and pick up a small stitch in no.1- pull pleat together
Step Three:
Insert needle back in no.2.
Step Four:
Going along the back of the fabric come out at no.3, with thread below needle pick up a small stitch in no.4, not pulling the needle all the way through pick up a small stitch in no.3, pull stitch together, go back in again at stitch no.4.
Step Five:
Come out at stitch 5- repeat across row.
Step Six:
Second row.
Start on the third square down - repeat the stitch sequence, you will be forming diamonds.
Step Seven:
Continue for as many rows as you need.

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  1. Great tutorial, Nonie! Thanks so much.

    1. Bunny, that means a lot to me. You always do such beautiful blog posts.

  2. Nonie, thank you for the memory. I made a set of these pillows in red and white gingham a mere 53 years ago. Not long ago I wondered how I did that!

    Your blog is wonderful, I think I could do it again!

  3. Oh yes Linda, do it again. I am following with the rest of the direction to complete a pillow. would love to see pictures of yours.