Friday, December 18, 2015

Snowman Socks a super quick project

This is such a quick project.  Grab the kids, and turn out these adorable snowmen.
This project comes from
my friend
I miss her so much, and know she would be turning out these darling snow people.
Snowman Socks
by Betty

Cut off cuff of sock for hat, fill rest of sock 2/3 full of rice and tie and roll the rest for a collar.
On a wood ball, drill small hole for round toothpick carrot nose.
Paint white, orange toothpick nose, black for eyes and buttons. ( using wood end of paint brush for black dots).
Glue hat to head, head to collar, and trim as you like.


  1. These look delightful! Definitely going to try a few this Christmas ... thanks for sharing ... J

    1. I know you will have so much fun and each snowman will have his own personality.

  2. How cute is this! I love it. May this week be Merry and Bright for you!

  3. These are such a cute project. The grandma of one of Ern's children with special needs made him one. He loves it.