Tuesday, December 15, 2015

honeycomb part two-Lets make the pillow

After you have practiced the honeycomb stitch, it is time
to put it together into a pillow.
I hope you enjoy this
Little project and I would love to see pillows
Lots of pillows.

Honeycomb Pillow - How To
Step One:
Even the edges of the center panel.
Step Two:
Tack down the ends of the pleats.
Step Three:
Lay pillow center over pillow back and measure the width you will need for the strips, add 1/2" seam allowance.
Step Four:
Cut four strips.
Step Five:
Sew a strip to top and bottom of pillow center, even the edges.
Sew on side strips and again even the ends.
Step Six:
I made a small ruffle, to gather, I zig zag over crochet thread.
Step Seven:
Choose your trim-options - no trim, piping, large ruffle or eylet ruffle.
Gather ruffle and baste to the right side of the pillow front, trim edges even.
Pin and stitch front to back leaving one side open, turn right side out, insert pillow form stitch end closed.
Step Eight:
Finished pillow.

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  1. o, what a beautiful pillow.
    Merriest Christmas

    1. Merriest of Christmases to you bj. Very easy pillow to make hope you try one.