Monday, September 30, 2019


So much has changed
I wanted to take a trip back to memory
A visit to the Apple Valley Smockers and
our booth at the quilt show.

This booth was at the Town Toyota Center
in Wenatchee, Wash.
If I remember it was our first or second year
of the quilt show being held there.
  This post has a lot of pictures.

Fun to re-share the memories.


  1. Hi Nonie, I like the pictures you posted. The assortment of smocked items looks goods. So many different items. I really like the display of Christmas ornaments in the crystal bowl. I see 3 Christmas stockings - were 3 CASA stockings made back then? Well done!! Thanks for sharing, Louise

  2. I think the extra stocking were made by a member and I think it was Roberta, that made them. Not sure though. It is good roberta did not break her neck climbing on a chair.

  3. Beautiful work by the smockers , I really like the christening gown and love the name of the group! Thank you for visiting me, I came right back to see you lol,