Thursday, September 5, 2019


One thing I love about
computers and blogging is 
being able to 'meet' people,
I would never other wise have been
able to meet and call a friend.

One of those friends is Kathy Dykstra.
Kathy, is a designer, teacher, artist and blogger.

is full of inspiration.
Design by Kathy

Just a sample of the beauty/talent you
will find on her blog.

Kathy, has been a huge influence on my sewing and smocking.  I used many, many of her designs
when they were published in AS&E.
A magazine no longer published and missed so much.

Kathy also designs for wee babies
and for wee care.

She offers many tutorials on her blog.
Her patterns are available through
her  Etsy


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  1. This is one of my favorite patterns of hers. I love it and had to make it for a friend's daughter years ago! She has so many lovely patterns!