Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friend of the Week

I want you to meet my friend Linda, whom I call Rosieq and think that title fits her.  I have not met Rosieq in person, I came to know her through our sewing forum.   Her posts just bubble with so much excitement I could tell from reading them she is a real go getter.  When I asked her if she would coordinate  our group effort to lose weight, she jumped right in putting two  teams together that are working hard to get in shape for summer.

   I have a feeling  the view from  her sewing room window might have something to do with  the peace this lady has.


Just had to share this because I love it.

2007 Alaska Hiking on the Matanuska Glacier

Rosieq (Linda)  visiting Matanuska glacier in Alaska.  Travel in a big part of their life since retirement, I think it surprised me when Linda said she plans to visit Egypt because that is a real  sense   of adventure.   I agree with her that her inquisitiveness lends its self to her hobbies. She sews for her grandchildren everything from boxer shorts to beautiful dresses. She also makes quilts, knits, and crochets.  Add to this her involvement  in church activities and you have a very busy person.

A & P with Frosty the snowman 

Using her own creativity Linda made these precious dress revamping a pattern from one of the big three.


  1. I never knew all this about Linda. Thanks so much Nonie.

  2. Congrats to Linda! She has been such an uplifting addition to the forum.