Thursday, February 3, 2011


Oh, I hope you experts don’t laugh at me, just bare with me as I get a little excited about something as simple as embroidered dish towels.  This is the first embroidery (except for smocking) that I have done in ages.  I found these cute iron on designs which I didn’t think they even made any more and these flour sack type dish towels and went to work.  I knew I needed more practice before I worked anymore on the pillowcases.  Besides, I found the cutest blogs that have exchanges and maybe if I practice someone will let me play along on one of those. So here they are.

2011_0203stuff0002  2011_0203stuff0003


  1. Lovely stitching. I was surprised too when I went looking for iron-on embroidery designs last year and found lots of them. Love your chickens!

  2. I know this may be a bit late, lol but I came across this and thought it was cute. I just had to post a message and tell you. :)