Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My connection to Royalty

Ok, the word connection might be a bit of a stretch more like influenced by Royalty and it all started with baby Prince William.   You might notice he is wearing a little smocked shirt.  My friend Donna sure noticed when pictures came out of the little Prince in smocked clothing.  Donna came over one day and said she wanted to learn to smock would I go to class with her.  Ah, first, what is smocking and why do we need to learn it?  Donna replied, “ Because the baby Prince William wears smocked clothes”.  I was still not sure what that had to do with us but agreed to take the class.   It wasn’t until I saw smocking up close that I realized that is what Grandma had added to my Sunday best dress and yes, my baby girl sure would need some dresses with smocking on it.


With the wedding just days away it brought back memories of so many years ago.  I started thinking will Kate and Williams baby wear smocked clothes? What if its a baby girl, can you imagine the baby fashions we will be all set to copy.


  1. Oh I love this!! Nonie, did you know that I named my India after one of Princess Diana's bridesmaids, India Hicks? And I am sure that the wedding is the reason I fell in love with all things British as well. I write this as I am smocking while watching the BBC movie "Victoria And Albert". I love it all.
    Happy Smocking. I pray your Holy Week is a blessing.

  2. Sivje, I love Jane Austin stories, just got done watching "Emma" what a cute story. I really fell in love with the British when I watched "Victoria and Albert" I had no idea Queen Victoria was so in love with Albert.