Saturday, April 9, 2011

The smile

I was in line at the fabric store waiting to get some fabric cut, the lady in front of me was getting some fabric for the backing of a quilt.  Standing beside this lady was a little boy about nine years old,  the lady was his grandma and she was explaining to him the fabric she was buying would be the backing to his quilt, it was 108" wide and would need no piecing.  Now, I don't think the little boy cared one bit about the piecing statement, but he did care about the quilt, the smile on that little guys face just lit up the store, he looked around smiling at everyone, you could see on his face what the finishing  of this quilt meant to him.   I can see years from now, the quilt bringing memories of when he was with grandma picking out the backing,  I am sure he had a great deal of input into this quilt.

So, when a challenge was put (by me) on the forum of "Venturing out" moving beyond your comfort zone when sewing,  quilting came to my mind.  I have sewn for years not to many things I have not done and am comfortable with, except quilting.   I have dabbled in it, have done place mats and a few table runners oh and even tried out a block or two and made a potholder.  Nothing big, nothing that takes your breath away like the quilts do at the quilt shop.

Now, this is something the grand kids will not out grow for a few years.  This is what I have saved all those sewing scraps for, yes, I am signing up for lessons and I am going to learn to quilt.

Here   is the shop that I just love.   Now, I am thinking should I for warn the kids?  They might not know what to do with a hundred quilted potholders.


  1. Good for you! I am sure you will have a great time and your sewing is so wonderful, piecing and quilting should be a breeze for you.

  2. Good luck with your quilts. I love piecing quilts, but other things have gotten in the way since the grands were born. I plan to make them one when they get a little older - hopefully!

  3. Have fun learning something new! I actually have both quilts and potholders made by my grandmother. I cherish them all equally.