Friday, February 17, 2012

The Reason

As I think about it, I feel bad that the Seth pillowcase is not up to standard and I posted it anyhow.  Thought maybe I should tell you the reason and its this.
The reason for that!! is this:
Her name is Lulu, but right now her name is mud!!   she has to run before me when it is time to go out. I don't know if she thinks she is better at opening doors then I am or what the reason for the big hurry but this time she got in front of me and STOPPED!!!   The choice of what to do flashed through my mind, I had a few options.  1. Land on the dog and try to hide her body.  2. Try to fall with grace, missing the dog and breaking a hip. Or option 3. Reach for the table to stop my fall. I chose number three. My wrist came down so hard on the table I heard a loud crack.  Thankfully, nothing is broken only a bad sprain.
Now, that leads me to the question of why do Doctors say things like "A sprain can be worst then a break?" Should they not just break the wrist so it's not as bad?  
So, I apologize for the sad looking pillowcase, I was just so excited to find out how much money I save by sewing them and the kids get something special.
I am also learning I suck at being left handed.


  1. You shouldn't apologize for the pillowcase. At least you are trying to make do until your wrist heals.
    My dog is bad about jumping up in front of me when I'm walking. She wants to be touching my leg at all times. I've nearly taken a tumble a couple of time, and it scares the heck out of me.
    I wish I could break her of that. I may have to grab a paper and whollop her a couple of times, but I doubt she'd remember.
    Hope you heal soon!

    1. I think that is my new goal Shirley to teach her not to run in front of me. I know we love our little doggies, but to get hurt is no fun.

  2. Poor Nonie. What a nightmare. It sounds like Lulu might need a visit from the "dog whisperer" to help her calm down a bit. The pillowcases are lovely and I'm sure Seth loved the Valentine gift from his grandmother.