Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sew or Buy

While making this pillowcase for Seth for a Valentine present  I wondered how much do they cost to make. I had never paid any attention to what I might be spending, I just know the kids love getting them.
I have a  how to for making these pillowcases here

I know the kids love licensed fabric, which runs about $10.00 a yard, the case takes a yard to make so already you are at $10.00.   Now, of coarse since you sew, you know about sales and stash.  I was able to get this piece as a remnant, so it was just a couple of dollars.  The whole pillowcase cost me about $5.00.

With some research, which I confess got out of hand as I went from link to link looking for personalized pillowcases, ending up at one site selling them for $85.00 a pair, I thought it best to stay realistic.
I found a comparable at Orient Expressed. Very cute machine embroidered pillowcases, cotton fabric, standard size for $18.00 a single case.  Add a monogram $8.00 add $5.00 shipping and your monogrammed pillowcase now cost $31.00.
So even if you do pay full price for your fabric and we who sew try to never pay full price for anything. You would still save $21.00.
Wow doesn't love to save money???

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