Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Machine Embroidery an old art.

I love collecting old sewing books and pamphlets. I can not tell you how thrilled I was when a friend gave me this one.  I can not find a date when it was printed, but it was printed in France.  I am sure the point of the booklet was, to sell thread.
It covers machine embroidery stating "In an era where the demands of industry lead inevitably to standardization , embroidery offers you many means of getting away from mass-production"   Little did they know where this was going to lead.
From learning free motion embroidery to our now stand alone embroidery machines we have come along way indeed.
I am sure the booklet was published to sell C.B "A La Croix" thread.  Not many supplies were listed to complete the embroidery.
It states the embroideress apprenticeship starts here. You can not carry out delicate embroidery without first acquiring a certain skill in the art of darning.    It follows with many step by step lessons.
This is a picture of what you can do with the filling-in stitch as they call it.  

The machines doing this work  must have been among the first in zig-zag machines, as some of the stitches shown in the booklet are zig zag stitches, others are straight stitches with the operator controlling the direction of the machine.
This is so fascinating to me. 

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