Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Things

I need to start small on this saving project, so today it will be about buttons. A small item that can add up to big bucks.  Using the right button can make or break an outfit.  If the buttons are to big, they can be over powering almost becoming a focal point, sometimes this will be the look you are after but most of time they are functional. To small and they lose their function.

I you sew, you have a button jar or tin.  I still have grandma's button tin and oh how I love it. Wish that tin box could talk and tell me stories of the items grandma made.
Collecting buttons can also be just plain fun.  I also like my button jar and it serves as a decoration on the shelf of my sewing room.
 Check items you plan to discard, there might be buttons you can use,  clip them of and they go in the button jar.  I have a friend who checks out thrift stores for buttons and has found some wonderful mother of pearl buttons for just a few cents.  Also some garments in thrifts stores will yield not only buttons but good zippers and usable fabric for another project.
Stock up when you find button's on sale, pick colors you know you will use.  Remember little things do add up.  Besides, it really helps me to start small, being a tight wad is new to me.


  1. Good advice. My mom taught me to cut off everything before I throw something out, zippers, buttons, snaps, etc. I wish I had her button can.

  2. I love old buttons, and I got a bunch out of my mom's stash when she passed away. I've also picked up bunches from estate sales. I try to use them if possible. I love rummaging through those buttons!

  3. You're right about the expense of buttons! For the last dress I made my daughter, I spent $12 on buttons and $11 on fabric and all other supplies!! But they were the "focal point" buttons you wrote about, and it was important to get them right.

    1. Nonie, you are so right. The little things add up.I,too,cut buttons off - especially off my husband's shirts. It's so hard sometimes to find the little buttons for the collars on button down shirts.