Monday, January 23, 2012

Bonnet Stand by Betty

I was given a couple of smocked bonnets and it reminded me of this post made by Betty as I need to make a couple more bonnet stands.  Thought it was the perfect time to share this with all of you.
Bonnet Stand How To
By Betty
Supplies: You will need a base, dowel, craft paint, foam ball,
tulle, ribbons,and silk flowers. Colors of your choice.

After drilling a hole in the base to fit the dowel, it
should fit snug, or you could glue it, or a screw from
underneath into the dowel. Paint it, the craft paint
dries in 1 hour (I gave it two coats). You will need
to carve a hole for the dowel, a paring knife worked
for me.

I stretched a section of panty hose over the ball
(just to tone it down some), and straight pinned near
the hole then trimmed excess away. Next I put the
tulle over and gathered it to the base and wrapped
sewing thread around and tied.

Trim the tulle, add ribbons and flowers.

TA DA FINISHED Very quick and easy but will use more
color next time. Betty


  1. This is so timely, Nonie. Thanks so much. I actually bought a base yesterday at Lowe's with the intention of doing just this. You actually carved the hole out with a knife? It is lovely.

    I would like a stand to go on top of my new shelf.


  2. That is so cute!!! What a neat idea!!