Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I hear that a lot from young mothers, I think it means "are you kidding me"? You know, when the kids do something unexpected.  Well, right now I am feeling a bit of "Really?"
 I am in challenge overload and do not know where to start, so I am not starting anything.  My friend Ole, gave me a challenge last week of designing a Christmas stocking using smocking but not on the cuff as we have all seen done, but incorporating it in the stocking itself.  Thank goodness she did not put a time limit on it.  Still the idea floats around in my mind taking up needed thinking space.
The next challenge I have is to design and sew for a little, sweet plus size girl.  I am finding no help from the commercial patterns, maybe one or two patterns is all I can find and they are better then what is on the store racks but not what I picture a little girl being able to wear that is fun and perky.  So, that is taking up the little space I have left to think.
She needs perky and something that says young and fun.  She needs something with her initials so she feels special. 
Any ideas?  Do any of you sew for a plus size little one?   I think once I get the basic concept about what works I will be on my way but right now I am just lost.


  1. Nonie, if you want to do some pattern grading I have info in my Pinterest account on that. Maybe get a pattern she likes in the closest measurements and just grade up?

  2. Thank you Bunny. I will check out your pinterest. Plus I hope you are available to help me with some pattern grading. You are awesome the way you make patterns fit.