Friday, January 13, 2012

Step One

First step in sewing for Kylee was to get measurements.   Then move on to the fun stuff of picking a pattern and fabric.   When Kylee dropped by for her measurement session, I had her shop my stash,  this gave me a chance to see what she liked because if I asked I got an "I don't know".   I think she was a little shy about telling me, because she soon spotted a fabric that she loved.  I know she loved it because she pulled it off the shelf and walked around with it for a very long time.
This is the fabric and pattern picked out by Kylee. It is a pattern designed for plus size so that should make this first project a lot easier then re-doing a pattern.
The next step was to make a muslin from the top part of the pattern, the neckline and arm is where there would be fitting problems.
So now decisions are to be made.  Do we do the bottom ruffle in matching fabric?  Maybe a contrast fabric?  What should I do for trims, I am leaning toward rick rack I think it is more playful then ribbon for this dress.  Then we have the jacket, again should it match?  Maybe sew more then one jacket for a change of looks?
Lots of things to think about.  


  1. You are on your way! I bet Kylee is so excited. I would make her part of the design process and show her some coordinating fabrics and let her pick out the one she wants. I like the ricrac idea.

  2. I think you picked a perfect pattern, and with that fabric she will have so many options for colors of trim. Maybe give her a few choices since this is all new to her. A different jacket would give it a whole different look. You are so sweet!

  3. Thank you both so much. I think you are so right about adding different jackets for a whole new look.