Thursday, January 26, 2012

Step two and we have a problem

Trying to sew for a plus size little girl is bringing problems.  Yesterday was finally try on day, with the snow and ice we choose when and where we go out  and trying on a dress was not high priority.
This is where we are at now.  I need advice, the front fit perfect, the princess lines down the front were perfect.  Then, I got to the back, the zipper is not in, but I pinned it as to where the zipper will be and oh my, she has a sway back, which lead to the fabric wanting to pucker at the curve of her back.
I am not sure what direction to take to correct this problem.  I have plenty of seam allowance to play with but then is that the direction I should take???
Calling in the experts.
Oh, and I haven't gotten rid of the lamp yet but do have my eye on just the lamp I want to replace it with.


  1. I'm a swayback, Nonie. Is there a waistline seam or is this straight all the way down? Email me and I'll tell you what to do. I've been dealing with swayback all my life. It's not a hard fix.
    bunnypep at gmail dot com

  2. I'm also a swayback, girl. I agree with Bunny it's not hard to fix one there is a waistline.